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Online Marketing Services

Are you being found on the web?

It is important that your business is listed correctly across the internet.  You may think that as long as it is correct on Google, “I’m OK.”  Did you know that Google looks at all of the other directories on the web to see if you are consistently listed?  You can spend money on your Google listings and ads, but if you are not correctly listed on over 400 other directories, your rankings will never hit the level you are hoping for.  We can help! 

Our Local Business Essentials Package includes:

1) Be Found with Managed Business Listings

Managed Business Listings enables us to distribute up-to-date and accurate information
about your business, including photos, offers, events, FAQs and more.

2) Be Selected with Review Stream

Review Stream helps us to monitor our clients’ business reputation, proactively get reviews,
monitor and respond to customer feedback online.

3) Be Connected with Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing allows your business to have a professional presence across the
major social platforms, build followers, and engage them with compelling content.

4) Be Informed with OMG Marketing Center

OMG Marketing Center is the single access point for all of your OMG marketing products. It
shows short-term changes and tracks long- term trends for your marketing products.

Other services available:

  • Social Marketing Services
  • Google My Business
  • Google Call Advisor
  • SEO Pro Services

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