Don’t Fall Victim to ZoomBombing

Don’t Fall Victim to ZoomBombing

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With the rapid increase in the use of Zoom and other web conferencing platforms, the opportunity to wreak havoc on unsuspecting people has also increased.

Recently, a group of employees shared their frightening story with Tech Crunch. During their weekly Work from Home Happy Hour, a troll joined and started sharing pornographic images. Every time they kicked the troll out, he rejoined under a different name. How did this happen?

One of the issues was that the Zoom link was shared in a public forum. The other is in Zoom’s default settings, which allow all users to share content from their screen.

To fix this:

  1. Don’t share links to your meetings on a public forum
  2. Go to Settings on the left side of the Zoom website and scroll down to Screen Sharing. Slide the toggle to the left to disable this, which blocks participants from sharing content of any kind. The toggle will turn from blue to gray.
  3. Then scroll down to the File transfer section. Find the toggle next to “Hosts and participants can send files through the in-meeting chat” and disable it. This will prevent participants from sharing files in the chat, which could include pornographic images and malware which could infect your computers.

Stay safe out there and don’t fall victim to Zoom bombing.


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